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adjective  be·spoke \bi-ˈspōk, bē-\


dealing in or producing

custom-made articles


Berloma understands that the cornerstone of America is the community leader. For an economy to be strong it needs to transform company leaders into community ones. Those leaders need support and their stories need to be told.


The team at Berloma uses a tailored, customized approach that includes the latest design and computer technologies.


When complete, an organization has a communication and marketing platform that fully integrates with its business, performance and strategic plans.


Berloma's bespoke approach scales to small, medium and large budgets. No-cost options are the hallmark of Berloma's innovative ability to meet any need for any nonprofit, business or corporation.


Lora-Marie Bernard is the President of Berloma.


She has an accomplished and nationally-recognized background as a nonprofit executive, communications director, author, and journalist.


She earned a reputation for stabilizing business and nonprofits through her boot camp approach. During that time, she learned to use performance metrics and storytelling to herald the accomplishments of community leaders. 


She created Berloma with a mission to always offer bespoke platforms to herald the stories of community leaders no matter what the cost. 


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