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Berloma benefits community leaders with professional, competent and solid consulting services that create sustainable nonprofits. 

Berloma helps community leaders create sustainable nonprofits.


Nonprofits are unique businesses. They can operate with many of the same principles and methods of a for-profit business but in many important ways, they should not.


This nuance and other stark contrasts can create a learning curve for start-ups.  It can be helpful to have support from someone who has a strong backbone about the special role nonprofits play in the nation.


Passionate missions, good fundraising, strong governance, and stellar communications can become the foundation for a nonprofit that transforms communities for decades to come.


Let Berloma help you get your nonprofit there.

Schedule a free one hour consultation to discuss your nonprofit and mission.

Nonprofit Platforms

Guidance and consulting for BBB and Charity Navigator

Comprehensive IRS Form 1023 consulting

Comprehensive Texas nonprofit consulting

Fiduciary, accounting and fiscal setup

Board policy handbooks

Digital and print communication 

Collaboration building

Event management and consulting

Registered agent

Retreat facilitation

Board governance training

Comprehensive fundraising training

Media training

Meeting training and facilitation

Nonprofit administration management

General nonprofit guidance

Board and staff relationships and transition

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