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Berloma integrates social media and traditional media through performance measurements and feedback loops that make an organization better

Social media management

All businesses need to tell people who they are, what they do and why they exist. 


Everyone needs to communicate, market offline, online and in social media - even when they can't afford it. 


Berloma develops customized solutions for media campaigns that are within a budget and are reliable at getting results. 


Let your company work on its product while Berloma tells the world about it!



Nonprofit media 

Nonprofit media 

The majority of nonprofits run at $250,000 or less per year. That means at least one priority item is slipping through the cracks. 


Most nonprofits are so busy changing the world, they don't have time to tell people how they do it!


Important stories that build sustainable organizations are not getting told to communities, stakeholders or even donors.


Berloma provides solutions that allows volunteers do their work while their success stories are driven straight into the community. 



Media, Publicity & Social Network Platforms

Fully integrated customized website design, creation, maintenance

Publicity, earned media management

Journalism writing and reporting 
Content creation and curating
Social media maintenance and development 
Media training and consulting, training maintenance and development 
Grammar and writing training and teaching 
Online newsroom creation, training, maintenance and development
Live social media broadcasting and coverage


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